Marta Garcia Larriu is a Spanish film producer, line producer, and production manager based in New York City. Her first foray into film production was on How to Seduce Difficult Women, directed by Richard Temtchine, in 2007. On the project, she started as a producer’s assistant and soon became an essential member of the production team. Garcia Larriu’s skill, dedication, and knowledge gained her the attention of casting director Sig de Miguel (The Good Shepard, United 93), who added her to his team. Under de Miguel, Garcia Larriu worked on several projects, among them was The Ministers, starring John Leguizamo and Harvey Keitel.

Following her desire to work in production, Garcia Larriu started working at NYC production company Paradoxal in 2009. There she steadily rose through the production ranks, from coordinator to manager and then line producer, in all audio-visual formats. After doing feature films, advertising, music videos, and web content, Garcia Larriu finally started producing short films on her own. The first short was The Last Moments of Leopoldo Berenguer, directed by Jaime Dezcallar, and next up was The Snatcher by Maria Gordillo. The former having been privately financed and the latter through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

During her time at Paradoxal, Garcia Larriu helped various European directors successfully shoot in the US. She worked for Costa Gavras’ latest hit Capital and Gilles Paquet Brenner’s Sarah’s Key, and hype French directing collective MEGAFORCE™, among many more. These experiences allowed Garcia Larriu to gain extensive know-how on production in the United States.

In 2010, Garcia Larriu returned to Spain to be closer to family. Despite huge economic uncertainty at the time, she was immediately hired by Garage Films, which was voted Best Spanish Advertising Production Company in 2010 by APCP (Asociacion de Productoras de Cine Publicitario). Working between Madrid and Barcelona, Garcia Larriu became familiar with the Spanish production methods and standards, and simply enjoyed being in the country of her birth.

Currently, Garcia Larriu is line producing Historias del Canal, a Panamanian feature depicting five different stories set in five different eras of Panama’s history. The project has already garnered major commercial partners and there are high expectations for its success throughout Latin America (see article).

Marta Garcia Larriu’s main interests lie in entertaining, honest, inspiring, and conscious storytelling. Of course, in all her work great production value a given. Garcia Larriu is coming off an extended stay in Buenos Aires where she became good friends with organizers of the Anima Film Festival. She is looking to export the concept to her home town of Madrid, and potentially Beirut, where she has family ties. Looking forward, Garcia Larriu hopes to work on inspiring biopics and projects with greater social impact.